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Welcome to The Bug House! I`m Alexis - owner, designer, crafter and face of The Bug House. This is my woman/mama owned business! We are located in Lynchburg, Oh (we can just call it Cincinnati to those unfamiliar with the area lol!) I am a proud mama to a sweet little girl & a hyper corgi. I love spending time with my family(you`ll have the pleasure of meeting them if you ever attend any of our events!)
We love doing anything outdoors, especially fishing, hanging out with our friends, and taking our little on as many adventures as possible.
As Coco Chanel once said,
"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."

You can learn how The Bug House came about by reading our "About Us" just a few scrolls down!

About Us:
The Bug House is an online store based out of Lynchburg, OH owned by Alexis Rowe. Fun Fact: The Bug House got its name after our corgi, JuneBug (hello, worlds cutest mascot!)
The Bug House offers apparel, tumblers, custom items, and more. We often team up with other small business friends to bring even more goodies to the shop. The Bug House started a few years ago as just a girl with a cutting machine and has grown to be SO much more. As always, we appreciate each and every one of our customers for all of their support!

Be sure to check out our full page of policies, procedures, and FAQ`s for all information needed.